19.01.2019 Hallo Carsten, habe gelesen das du wieder aktiv wirst bei den Paeonien. Falls du interesse hast, das hat sich bei uns alles getan in letzter Zeit: more

2019 Here we go again. It has been a long time since the last update. Sorry, I was busy in my job, another hobby and the fever for peonies was not burning enough to do more work here. But the feedback from too many peony friends through so many countries let me think it over. Someone seems to miss updates, news, pictures. I'm sorry for the delay. It's good to know how many people in the US, Holland, France, Switzerland, Finnland, Russia, Denmark, Australia, China ... are taking advantage of the work put into this project between 1999 and 2007.

How can I say: Time has come. If you are able to help to update the peony registry, please contact me under my address: admin@paeon.de

What is needed? read more

It is necessary to get into o formal good understanding with the International Registrar for the peonies, the American Peony Society. Does anyone have good contacts to the board members? Can anyone explain to them, that this project here is a non-profit one and the goal of the project is to provide free information about peonies. I would be ready to come to an APS board meeting next time, if someone tells me where to go and how to get there to discuss it personally.

All the best for the rest of 2019


May 2018, Chinese Paeonia rockii-hybrid in my garden